Saturday, December 5, 2009


Mr. Bohari, Cik Ain, Pn. Anum. Pn. Saidah (PK1), Pn. Nilam (Principal) and Pn. Yusidah

Aqiqah is a ritual where an animal is slaughtered when a baby's hair is shaved for the first time, and after that, most frequently, people will be called for a feast, and in a way the guests will offer prayers to the baby's health and well-being. We were invited to the Principal's house for this event and since her house is only a stone's throw away, I guess I had not much choice. Met other people from school as I had promised to be there at the same time.

at the wedding feast

Then we made our way to the second place which was a wedding invitation of an ex-staff in Bandar Baru Uda. There are many people holding wedding ceremonies during the school holidays and that is not good because you tend to eat a lot in just one day.
By the way, this is Mr. Bohari, an ex-student who has now become one of our school staff. And there are two more similar invitations to attend tomorrow.

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