Saturday, December 19, 2009


[NOTE: Thanks to Mr. Razib for taking all the photos as well as for the company, again]

At last, it was a real outing for the school holidays. This time, Mr. Razib and I made our way to another interesting educational spot in Singapore that was the Singapore Science Centre. This time, we took a bus from Sultan Iskandar Immigration Complex to Kranji MRT Station (RM0.90) then the MRT to Jurong East Station (S$2.60) and lastly hailed a cab to the Singapore Science Centre (S$3.60). One of the attractions was to see the Body Worlds Exhibition but since we were there, we had a tour around the place which could be divided into a few sections and we had to pay S$29.00 for a package which enabled us to enter these venues.


This place is similar to Petrosains in KLCC Kuala Lumpur. A very big place which was separated into a few halls according to different themes like Microbes, Sounds, Mathematics, Space etc. All the displays are meant to be touched, so school children as well as adults come here for hands-on sessions. You will need a lot of time to try all the exhibits and a good place to bring students to appreciate Science and relate it to real life. If only I was here much earlier, I believe I am already a doctor now.

My dream came true at last
Oh, what a big tongue you have...
being a real nosy guy
My dream house
Lost in space


Two things to describe the exhibition: real dead bodies and plastic. They had put bodies of dead people on display after the process of plastination to preserve them. It was a magnificent exhibition, how arts and science had been put together so we could, not only admire the inner parts of our bodies, but also think of many more other things beyond that. And there were also animals like real horse, reindeer and giraffe.

Too bad camera was not allowed. So this is one example of the exhibit that was put on display. One interesting thing, it was mentioned all the bodies that were on display came from donors, people who believed that they could contribute more to the enrichment of humans' knowledge even after they have died. Another interesting thing is that there were many quotations that were put on the walls for you to ponder upon which I would love to share with you.

"Years wrinkle the skin
To give up enthusiasm, wrinkles the soul"
(Samuel Ullman)

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that counts,
it's the life in your years"
(Abraham Lincoln)

"Age is an issue of mind over matter.
If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."
(Mark Twain)


The last stop was the Omni Theatre. Basically what happened was you would be seated in a dome-shaped cinema. In other words, you were watching a movie not on a flat screen in front, but the pictures were all around you so you felt as if you were in the movie. It was a great experience to watch "Under The Sea" and you would go out of the hall feeling like you yourself had just gone snorkeling.

I went back home, feeling mentally stimulated which would be one of the ways to live a longer and healthy life. Thanks again for Mr. Razib who had acted as the tour guide cum the photographer. Until the next trip...