Thursday, December 10, 2009


busy at work, as usual

I have been away for three days for another official assignment which has become an annual event. Other than working, it is a pleasure to have the chance to meet the people that I can only see during these sessions.

I had to bunk down in D'Idaman Inn in Parit Raja because there was no vacancy at the hotel I used to stay in Kluang. As the place was nearer to the meeting venue and quite new, it was not that bad except for a few things like there were limited TV channels and no telephone line so I couldn't get the receptionist to give me a morning wake-up call. But the room is very spacious, it is more like an apartment - with a bedroom and a hall so you have the whole space to yourself.

sitting beside a doctor

I had the chance to meet another old classmate from school. This is Dr. Md. Som who happens to be staying near my lodging. He has his own clinic now, Klinik Sejahtera, which is situated opposite of Universiti Tun Hussin Malaysia (UTHM). When you go there, if you mention my name, may be you will get a special discount. Remember, I said "MAY BE". Thanks to Dr. Md. Som for the supper as well as the breakfast the next morning.

And I will have to be there again in about two weeks time from now...

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