Saturday, December 5, 2009


My second read of Hosseini's book, right after The Kite Runner. Another story of the lives of Aghanistan's people, mostly about their sufferings of the oppressed people, women to be exact. The novel centralizes on two characters, Laila and Mariam. Mariam is given away to be married to a man older than her at the age of 15. Laila, is in a way forced to marry an old man at a young age too when both her parents are killed by a bomb. As their fate crosses, these two unlucky characters start to have conflicts between them when Laila is actually marrying Mariam's husband as the second wife. Initially, they become enemies but in the end, when they both try to confront the brutal and heartless husband, they become closer and start to protect each other.

It would be unfair for me to disclose the ending of the story. You MUST read this novel yourself because you will soon realize that we rarely are thankful with the lives we live, the air we breathe and the freedom we have. Kudos to Hosseini for making me see lives from a different perspective.