Saturday, December 26, 2009


Mr. and Mrs. Ismaz

with Irfan
just like old time

Two old friends, Mr. Ismaznizam and Puan Hazlina, as well as their son, were in JB so I had the chance to meet up. He brought us to Banafee Restaurant somewhere near New York Hotel. I guess it is a new eating place in town which is a bit classy from my point of observation. The food was good. The food that I would recommend: Oxtail Asam Pedas (Ismaz's choice) which had the authentic taste and Banana Cheese for dessert (my choice), boiled banana with cheese and chocolate, the banana flesh was very tender that it melted in my mouth. Heaven! Banana has never tasted so good.

Since the hotel they were staying is just nearby so I took them home for a short visit. You will never know when you will get the chance like this again.