Tuesday, December 15, 2009


with Hilmi
with Nadia

Two students came visiting today. Hilmi, accompanied by Nadia, came to send the invitation card for his sister's wedding. Both of them were two of my students from SMK Kempas whom I taught tuition when they were in form 3. I still remember at that time, the class was held in their school at night and I had to tutor about 30 students. But they were a bunch of excited students and I had a lot of fun teaching them. A few continued to attend my form 5 tuition classes. Hilmi is the one who has regular contact with me, at least once a year during Hari Raya, if not frequently. He is now studying in USM while Nadia in UTM. I wonder what has happened to the rest but I know many of them will turn out to be good people.