Tuesday, December 15, 2009


it looks small but it required a lot of sweat and toil

The last time I played ping pong was one year ago. While waiting for the right time and people to continue with my favourite pastime, I had to find another alternative to get some sweat out. Facebooking and playing games on your computer all day long are not good for your health. So I started hoeing a small plot of land behind my house and turned myself into a part-time farmer and part-time blogger. That was really a hard work done. It is definitely not the same with Farmville where you can simply plant everyting at the click of a mouse. If I continue on with this work, sooner or later I will very muscular like Conan the Barbarian.

trees successfully planted

So let's see whether the small scale project will bear any fruits. Pray hard that I can reap what I have sown and pray that no one else will reap the harvest for me.