Sunday, August 22, 2010


Suddenly everybody is busy doing spring cleaning at home, inside out. Everyone tries to make the house as clean and shining as possible as if there is no tomorrow. That is just the initial stage, before the house is then decorated. A regular activity, it is a sign that the highly-awaited Eid is coming soon.

I had my share of work yesterday and I needed to send my "collection" of recyclable materials which had been piling up behind my house. If you think that the work is easy then you are wrong. First, the different materials have to be sorted out accordingly: bottles, aluminum cans, metal cans and plastic bottles and containers. After that, the plastic bottles and aluminium cans have to be flattened so that the usage of the plastic bag can be maximised. Lastly, they have to be packed before being loaded into the car.

Then only, the materials will be sent to the recycle factory. The reason is you can get a better payment for the things you sent than selling them to the recycle lorry that goes around the housing area collecting the same items. By the way, that particular lorry will end up sending their collection at the factory too and that explains the lower rate given.

So, I am now RM13.00 richer now. Just imagine the amount of money that we throw away everyday. Reduce, reuse, recycle and start saving planet earth.


  1. where is this? ive always had trouble finding a place to recycle in JB.

  2. iman: somewhere along the stretch of jalan kempas lama, there is a row of factories that accept recycleable materials from people who want to sell them.

  3. okay, i'm going to sound jakun... i nvr knew we could go straight to the factory ourselves! i thought thy'll nvr want to entertain small businesses :) i usually send mine to aunty devi at school.