Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This one should be posted earlier but as school was about to start a few days back, so I got to busy to do so.

On the second day, I continued my walking tour around Sydney, but this time on my own. I was actually supposed to get to the Maritime Museum but I took the wrong turn and ended up in Hyde Park. I was here the day before but did not have the chance to see more and take pictures.

green and cooling despite the afternoon summer sun

flowering plants that were just planted

another street musician

people picnicking under the shade

people practicing boxing in public

one of the many Christmas trees in Sydney
[I should have counted]

As you can see, from my past visits to other cities like London and Melbourne, there are always park in the centre of the cities. These places are always crowded with people, tourists and foreigners alike. It was a working day when I visited Hyde Park, mind you, so where did all these people come from? The least that you can do is just sit down on the bench and enjoy the green surrounding. And I don't mind doing that, even for a long time.