Friday, January 7, 2011


It was one more unlucky day. My car tyre was punctured again, right after my class in UTM. This time it was more tragic, as my handphone ran out of battery so I could not contact anyone in the darkness of the night. The best option I had was to drive to the nearest petrol kiosk and seek help. I tried the staff at the Petronas counter whether she could recharge my handphone battery for me, and guess what? She did. Thanks to her and she was a good Samaritan indeed. Then only I could ask for assistance from the regular guy, Mr. Suhaizie.

Mr. Suhaizie arrived in no time and soon he displayed his skills in changing the tyre. I could not thank him enough. This was the second time he came to my rescue, for the same reason.

As we were about to quench our thirst in the neighbouring McDonald's restaurant, we saw familiar faces walking into the outlet. The more the merrier so the session was extended a bit longer. Nevertheless, I had to take leave earlier as I had work to do, leaving them all by themselves.

So thanks again to the girl behind the counter at Skudai Petronas kiosk for recharging my phone and to Mr. Suhaizie for his great help.