Thursday, January 20, 2011


We are so fortunate to live in a multiracial country like Malaysia because there are many festivals that are declared as public holidays for everybody. It was actually the second public holiday for this year in January (last week it was Hari Hol) and I needed to get something for my friends celebrating Chinese New Year. So, accompanied by a friend/colleague, we headed to Simpang Renggam. All this while I heard about this place from other people but today I discovered the shop selling Malay traditional cookies, crackers, etc. Although it was about a 45-minutes drive, it was worth the effort.

The next stop was my favourite pottery outlet in Machap but I did not take any photos there. After that, as these places were close to each other, we went to the ever famous ceramic town of Malaysia/Johor, Air Hitam - just to have a look and to introduce Mr. Hamzah of what it has to offer.

There were a variety of items on sale, from food to house accessories - a definite shopping heaven for women. You don't have now to go to far away places to get house decors from Indonesia or Sarawak, they were all there. No wonder people still visit Air Hitam despite the fact that people have to detour on the highway either to the north or south.

I got the things I was looking for and I was happy for it. Thanks to Mr. Hamzah for accompanying me this time. Hope you would know where to go to in case you need to get some specific things from these places.