Sunday, January 16, 2011


On the third day, I went on another ferry ride to a tourist attraction called Manly Island. This time. Puan Suhaila and her daughter, Reihana were accompanying me. And that could be the reason there would be more pictures of me later.

The place was called Manly because the early British settler was amazed to see how manly and confident the indigenous people were. I wonder what he would call this place if those men were not manly enough.

The island is famous for its beaches surrounding it. We were unlucky because the weather was not that good that day. There was some rain and the sky was cloudy. In a way, the pictures taken were not that bright. It would have been better if it was sunny and the sky blue. Despite the condition, people were still swarming the beach, enjoying the little sunshine they could get.

on the ferry back home

We had to shorten the trip in fear of more rain to come. It was raining while we were on the ferry home. Still a trip worth going; been there, done that.