Friday, January 7, 2011


Today's pot luck was specially held to bid farewell to Ustazah Nik Fathahiah who was forced to move to SMK Damai Jaya. We were told that we were having excess Islamic Education/Arabic Language teachers so someone had to be taken out. How that was true, I did not know. As far as I was concerned, we had just enough teachers for both subjects and when Ustazah went off, we needed to do some modification to our timetable.

the appointed Master of Ceremony

some of the teachers and staff

Ustazah Nik Fathahiah giving her farewell speech

some of the food available

it took a strong, strong man

the parting gift was surrendered to its rightful owner

Nevertheless, we had no say in this kind of matter. Thanks a lot to Ustazah Nik Fathahiah for all she had done and we wish her the very best of luck and may her wish to be transferred to Selangor back to her beloved husband be granted soon.