Monday, January 31, 2011


This was a plan that had been put off for a few times due to our schedules which differ from one another. Despite the continuous rain throughout the day, we still went for an outing or it would not happen at all.

First it was a movie and a dinner right after that. However, it was raining heavily outside and while waiting for it to stop or to recede, the boys decided to have a game of bowling. Sorry people, it was something that I don't do - it is just a no, no; just like taking a photograph with a python curling around my neck. I would rather sit and enjoy myself watching but thank God it was just a short game. And by the time everything was over, we managed to get into our cars and make our way to the restaurant.

The eating place chosen was "My Friend". I was here last year for the school's annual lunch. The food was tasty even though the fish arrived quite late but as the saying goes, better late than never. Someone was giving a treat this time.

So thanks to Hamzah, Suhaizie, Zahari and Syahir for a great time.