Thursday, January 13, 2011


15th December - I spent about 3 hours in this museum. Anything that is related to the story of the sea and sailing is housed under one roof. The exhibits dated back to the ancient lives of the Aborigines and the the sea voyage of the early settlers from the United Kingdom to Australia.

aerial view

modern speed boat


real large model of ship, one of the many beautiful ones

Shark Exhibition on the ground floor

helicopter hanging from the rooftop

live demonstration of the production of a ship model

a few of the exhibits

a boat built by using empty beer cans and it floated too

long boats hanging on the wall and they are really long

Just too many things too see, that was just the inside and you might need the whole day to be here and surprisingly, entry was free of charge. History had become really interesting and your negative perspective towards learning history could be changed overnight, or much faster than that.