Monday, January 3, 2011


teachers observing the students

the form two students waiting for their turn to be taken into their new classes

students happily moving into their classes

the juniors waiting at the canteen

and near the canteen

parents were there as well

finding their own place while waiting to be called

It was the first day of school for this year. The form two students were excited to know their new classes. The form one and remove students were more excited as this would be their first day of a new phase in their lives. Having more than 1200 students is not something easy so we had to make sure that students could be placed into their classrooms in an orderly manner. Thank God for the good weather and the cooperation from all the teachers, everything went smoothly. There were even very few late registration cases and students transferring from other schools this year, the least so far of all my many years here. This is just the beginning and let's hope for many more happy days in school.