Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This is the ONE movie that I know I MUST watch this year. The sequel to the first movie of the same title, the journey of Po the Panda warrior continued. This time, however, there was an inner conflict in Po that disturbed him so much. It took Po quite some time to realize that he was an adopted child to his father, a goose and he wondered who his parents were. Thus he started searching, met his ultimate enemy and in the end, found the inner peace, "at such a young age" (Master ShiFu) and he did find out who he really was.

If you like comedy and action and positive values, all-in-one, this IS the movie. It guarantees laughter as well as tears for the soft-hearted ones. I don't mind watching it for the second time, really. I do hope there will be "Kungfu Panda 3"coming after this.