Saturday, July 9, 2011


When Mr. Ahmad Zaki was suggesting that we went to watch Transformers 3D, I knew it was an offer which was hard to resist. Despite the fact we had watched this movie just recently did not hinder our intention to experience something different. So off we went right after school to the newest shopping complex in Johor Bahru called KSL as the cinemas there had 3D shows. It was not a Saturday night but there were a lot of people. Surprise! Surprise! I still enjoyed watching the whole thing all over again for the second time. So was there any difference between 3D and the normal movie? Without doubt it was better especially when it involved all the actions and special effects but not to worry, 3D or not, you will still enjoy the movie just the same. It was only the illusion in your head.

I already know by now the next movie that I am going to: "Puss in Boots".