Sunday, July 3, 2011


the Olympic runners on the road

2nd July - A running event similar to a cross country event was held in conjunction with the Minister of Education's policy of "1Murid 1Sukan 1Malaysia" [translate: 1student 1sports 1Malaysia]. Attendance was good maybe because the students were promised certificates of participation at the national level. Among the objectives: to encourage students' participation in sports and to instill the spirit of unity among students of different races.

gathering the afternoon students at the basketball court

at the starting line

you can run but you cannot hide

cooling down

putting all the students at the school field under the hot sun

students having a bit of fun

the winners

If I am not mistaken, our ex-principal was kind enough to sponsor the medals to the winners of the six different categories. Everybody looked happy and thank God for the good weather. There is still one big event that we are looking forward to. Our Sports Day will be held this Saturday and hopefully will be the last (major) sporting event in school so we can start focusing on other matters.