Saturday, July 30, 2011


Since today was the last day of school before Ramadhan, a potluck was held in the staffroom today. The food was superb and everybody looked happy. I am sure there will be another potluck to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr coming soon.

Since Ramadhan is the month of giving, there are dates given by colleagues and office staff to bring home. May Allah bless all the kind souls.

My PC is back but it is as if I am getting a brand new machine. Why? All my documents and picture files are not there anymore. The people at the computer shop could NOT do any back up to save them. As for me, I have to accept this as my fate (and my ignorance for not saving all the documents and pictures into, let's say, a portable hard disk). Nevertheless, I, on behalf of the people whose computers were infected with FB's "how are u?" virus, hereby pray that the creator of the virus, his/her children and grandchildren and great grandchildren will suffer throughout their miserable lives before they were all burned in hell. Thank you.