Friday, July 22, 2011


In order to get high marks for Literature Section [Paper 2] PMR:
1. Read the question carefully and understand what you have to do actually.
2. In the introduction paragraph of, there MUST be a statement that directly answers the question.
3. Provide DETAILED description/example from the novel.
4. Most of the time, try to provide three reasons/events to support your answer.
5. Be organized ~ good paragraphing with introduction and concluding paragraphs help a lot.
6. Do not worry about writing long essay - the more you know, the more you tend to write and this should be good.

QUESTION: Based on the novel that you have read, write about a character that you like and give reasons why.

From the novel that I have read, "The Prisoner of Zenda", there is one character that I like very much. He is none other than the main character, Rudolf Rassendyll.

The first reason why I like Rassendyll is because he is a brave man. In the early part of the story, he was asked to impersonate King Rudolf V. This was due to his same features: red hair, long nose and blue eyes. When he saw the King for the first time, it was as if he was looking into a mirror. It takes a brave man to do this as Rassendyll could be killed by the King's enemies. And he did just that until the King was finally saved and his throne was secured.

The second reason is Rassendyll is a loyal person. There was one time when he was offered a bribe of fifty thousand pounds by Black Michael to leave Ruritania, but he refused. The second time, he was offered one hundred thousand pounds. Although it was a large sum of money, he still rejected it because of his loyalty to the King.

The third reason is Rassendyll is an honourable character. Despite the fact that he was deeply in love with Princess Flavia, he did not marry her right until the end. Because of his honourable act, Rassendyll risked his own life to save the King instead of killing him. This shows that duty must come before love and personal feeling.

As a conclusion, the character that I like the most is Rudolf Rassendyll. He has displayed many positive values as Fritz had once said, "The best men are not often Kings".