Sunday, July 10, 2011


9th JULY - Finally, the Sports Day was here. In accordance with the Ministry's policies of "Sports for All" and "1Student 1Sports", the school sports day for every school in Malaysia MUST be held on the second half of the year. It was usually done as early as February or March before this. In a way, the enthusiasm and excitement were not at their maximum level and the event was done in such a simple manner. The head of the PTA was invited to officiate the closing ceremony so everything was not a grand event.

with a few of the students present

colleagues on duty

the spectators

the march past

reading the oath

silat performance

taekwando performance

J-robic performance [aerobic exercise in Johor-style]

Nevertheless, it was a success. Everything was still colourful and everyone was having a great time. It was ended with a happy note. All's well that ends well.

the Kadet Bomba boys

LEFT: excited with the hamper
RIGHT: the surprisingly delicious butter cookie found in the hamper

The Kadet Bomba boys won the second place for the marching competition although I did not expect anything out of them. By the way, we had never won this category during Sports Day, not even once and we always blamed the judges for that. There were not enough people in the team in the first place as a few were involved in other events or performance. Congratulations to the team but you are all going to sit for a session of talk on the values of loyalty and commitment.