Monday, July 25, 2011


QUESTION: From the novel that you have read, write about a lesson you can learn from it and give evidence from the novel.

From the novel "The Prisoner of Zenda", there many lessons that we can learn. One of the most prominent one is we must be brave. This value is shown by the main character, Rudolf Rassendyll.
From the beginning of the story, Rassendyll has shown he is a brave man. In the early part of the novel, he impersonated King Rudolf V. This is due to his same features: red hair, blue eyes and long nose. When he saw the King, it was as if he was looking into the mirror. It takes a brave man to do this as Rassendyll could be killed by the King's enemies but he carried out his duty right until the end.

Rassendyll also shows that he was a brave fighter and a skillful swordsman. He had a fight with Detchard, Bersonin and De Gautet when he went to met Antoinette de Mauban at her house and escaped unharmed. Once, he met Rupert of Hentzau face to face when Hentzau acted as the messenger to Black Michael. Known as the most wicked of the Six, Rassendyll was almost killed.

Lastly, Rassendyll had tried to save the King from Zenda Castle even though he had to put his own life at risk. At the end of the story, he went to the Old Castle to free the King. He a had fight and killed Detchard after driving his sword through Detchard's neck. Rassendyll was seriously injured but he still tried to chase afer Hentzau in his attempt to kill him.

All in all, Rassendyll is the bravest character and because of his courage, the King and his kingdom were saved. From the story, I have learned that it is very important to be brave in life.


The content of this essay can also be used to support answer responding to questions related to theme or moral value of the same novel. You have to change the statement in the introduction paragraph so it will directly answer the question and also the sentence in the conclusion paragraph. And please never ever memorize the essay, this acts only as a sample.