Saturday, August 6, 2011


This is the issue that the whole nation is discussing. Students of a secondary school in Johor Bahru claimed they were physically and mentally abused when they were sent for a motivation camp held in jail (not in a jail actually but in the training centre). If you miss the boat, you can read the news HERE.

If you ask me about my opinion, I could write a book to discuss this issue. However, I can just state that you have to be in our shoes, the teachers' shoes, to understand. People can simply complain because it is easier said than done.

Prior to the heated argument whether is it really necessary to send students to prison for this kind of thing, I had carried out a survey on my Facebook page. I just discovered this function so this would be my first try. So the respondents were asked to respond to the statement. Nevertheless, not that many were interested to take part actually.

CHART ONE: Should Students Be Sent To Prison For Motivation Course? (Teenagers' View)

From the first group of respondents which comprised of teenagers and young adults, 78 people took part in the survey. 31 people gave positive response while 11 were negative regarding the issue. Nevertheless, 37 were not sure of their stand which was surprising as I expected a more enthusiastic response from this group.

CHART TWO: Should Students Be Sent To Prison For Motivation Course? (Adults' View)

While for the other group of people which consisted of adults who should be more matured in their decision making, 16 people supported the view that students should be sent to prison for a course while only 5 disagreed. 4 people still could not make up their mind.

It could be concluded that majority of the respondents involved are more convinced of their choices either by saying "yes" or "no". The other group had to be sure of what they thought of the issue so as to provide a clearer picture whether this kind of activity would be suitable for students as well as to avoid any dissatisfaction once the programme has been carried out.

I wonder whether I can just collect my statistics data using the Facebook when I want to do my PhD in the future.

This is fun. There will be more surveys coming up for all the people in the friends' list. But I do need more participants in trying to make the result more valid and reliable.