Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We have 7 more days of fasting in the month of Ramadhan. One of the common practices among Malaysians is to eat traditional "kuih" - food that by right is similar to dessert, which mostly is sweet and some is hot, for iftar. You can get these varieties of "kuih" at the bazaar if you find it a hassle to make them on your own. So a survey was conducted on my Facebook to find out what would be the most favourite "kuih" among the people in my list.

TABLE: Favourite "kuih" for Iftar

From the table above, karipap is a clear winner as the favourite among the respondents (105). When I was still young, we used to call it "tepung bawang" but among the younger generation, they can only identify the same thing as karipap. It might derive from the English term of currypuff (pastry with curry filling). You can get many types of karipap which could be filled with sardines, potato or sweet potato and eggs which may also come in different shapes and sizes. There is one stall that I like in the bazaar that I always go to that only sells only karipap in abundance hot from the pan and business is really good.

The nearest contender is Buah Melaka (43). Whereas the other type of "kuih" recorded less than 20 votes from the people surveyed online.

There will be one last survey coming up soon for you out there.