Saturday, August 13, 2011


Fasting month is the time when many social activities are put on hold. Most probably because it will be quite tiring to go out, especially with the present hot weather, even at night. However, when there was a chance to at least sit down and chat over coffee, or any hot or cold drinks, never say "no".

Even though the meeting was planned earlier with Mr. Shamsul. Mr. Arif and Mr. Abdul Aziz, my three ex-students, unfortunately most of us were still full to eat so we ended up just having drinks. That was the reason why I initially suggested that we just went for sahur but our houses are not near to each other and that might not be an easy thing to do.

After that we just went for a short walk around the bazaar that is set up near the restaurant for the coming Eid celebration. It was almost midnight so a few stalls were not in operation anymore.

So thanks to the three people who had found the time to meet up. So you later, alligator.