Sunday, August 14, 2011


One of the challenges of Ramadhan is to restrain oneself from drinking. With the present hot weather, it is not surprising if given the choice between drinking and eating for iftar, people will choose the first one. At times, we drink too much water until we cannot eat anymore. When we visit any Ramadhan Bazaar, there will a variety of drinks sold that you can choose and you might end up buying drinks that you can easily make it at home.

This study is to find out what will be the favourite drinks for iftar among people in my Facebook friends list. Therefore the samples will come only from people in my FB list, without any specific criteria.

Not that significant unless you are going to set up a stall selling drinks for Ramadhan Bazaar next year. At least by now you already know your customers' preference.

The "QUESTION" application on Facebook, done online. I am thinking of using the same method if I were about to do my PhD in the future.


Based on the table, 297 people have participated in the survey. Plain water recorded the highest of number people voted for (69), followed by air kathira (56) and soya bean (43). As for the three types of drinks which show the least number of people are Coke/carbonated drinks (5), lai ci kang/cikong (13) and cendol (14).

(1) It is unbelievably true, or rather truly unbelievable, that majority have chosen plain water as the drinks to break their fast. If that is the case, then people should start selling mineral water at the bazaar because the market should be good. The respondents might have chosen plain water for health reason or to save expenses spent during Ramadhan.

(2) As my samples are people which consist of colleagues and ex-colleagues, students and ex-students, etc. who are residing in Johor or at least have experienced fasting here, so it is no surprise that Air Kathira is on the second spot of the favourite drinks. Air Kathira has been synonymous with the state of Johor, similar to other food like laksa Johor, mee bandung and mee rebus.

(3) The people in my list must be very conscious of their health as only five respondents have chosen Coke or carbonated drinks as their favourite drinks, which is I doubt is true. But the number should confirm the truth.

(4) Another good news is that now we know what to serve our guests when they come visiting for Eid. Hopefully what they like during Ramadhan will be the same in Syawal. That will make my life much easier.

It doesn't really matter what type of drinks that you like to have for iftar, as long as you take it moderately. Isn't one man's meat is another man's poison?

Wait for another survey coming soon, still related to the month of Ramadhan though.