Sunday, August 28, 2011


I myself do not fancy breaking fast outside with friends or colleagues or ex-students. First, you tend to eat more than you should and that does not serve the true purpose of fasting i.e. to eat in moderation. Second, you have to hurry as there is the Maghrib prayer to be performed. Thirdly, as a consequence from the second reason, you cannot hang out longer. What more there are tarawikh prayers to be performed right after at the mosque unless you are willing to do that at home on your own.

So we planned to meet up for sahur - the early morning meal before the break of dawn for fasting. There should be five people but someone could not wake up I think but four was enough for life to go on. Surprisingly we found that there were many people eating their sahur at the restaurant. It was a short stay, from 4:15-5;15 a.m., but it was worth the effort to wake up earlier and come over all the way from Taman Universiti to my place. We should do this again next year.

See, we could also be like those people on TV3, having sahur together in their "Singgah Sahur" [translate: stop by for sahur] programme. Thanks to Mr. Zahari, Mr. Syahir and especially to Mr. Aminuddin for the treat.