Saturday, March 17, 2012


I am happy because I manage to finish a book during the school holidays although I need to push myself a bit. I have read quite a number of books by Picoult and I think this one is a story that was written with a less complicated plot, very few characters and an ending which was predictable.

It was a story of the Hollywood megastar, Alex who fell in love with and got married to Cassandra, an anthropologist. Unfortunately, their romance did not last long. The problem happened when Alex got too much into character every time he was directing or starring in movies, and he would channeled his aggressive behaviour towards his wife. After some time, Cassie could not stand it anymore and he left her husband twice. The person who voluntarily offered her safety and warmth was Will, a policeman with LAPD who was half Caucasian - half Sioux Indian (which should create some kind of conflict to the story). However, when Alex could not stop his abusive actions and did not keep his promise to attend group counselling sessions, Cassie filed for a divorce and you can guess whom she will be running to?

Although the theme of the novel is domestic violence, it was still an enjoyable read. It crosses my mind suddenly, if someone is thinking of making a movie based on the novel, then the possible lead actor and actress will definitely be Chris Brown and Rihanna.

And did you read any book during the school holidays?