Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The high flyers

The result for SPM examination results were announced today. Sorry I did not have the chance to share your joy and sorrow. I was somewhere else training angklung with the students as we would be having a rehearsal the very next day.

Generally, the passing percentage (based on the performance for Malay Language paper) increased from 86% - 91%. Many subjects also showed better results if compared to the previous year's exam. In terms of quality, only five people managed to score straight A's this time round. I will try to update the list ASAP.

Some people were happy, some people were sad. Please remember, this is not the ending - this is just the beginning. You still have a long way ahead of you.

To all my ex-students from SPM batch 2011, good luck in your future undertakings and do not forget me here.

[note: pictures taken from Maizatul Afifah's FB album]