Sunday, March 25, 2012


This is one movie you have to watch. It was set somewhere in the future where the rich were clad in fancy costumes like Lady Gaga and discriminated the poor. The rich people chose 24 contestants from 12 districts to take part in a kind of sports and the series were watched by all on televisions, or rather screens. It was like a television reality show "Survivor" in which the contestants had to eliminate someone so at the end of it, the one left would win the game. However, in this movie, the only way you could survive was to kill the other contestants - killed or be killed. Hence, the story line was full of actions and thrills. Even though there were many CGI effects being used, I was far too immersed in the plot, hoping that the heroin would come out alive.

It was a happy ending in a way but the audience were still left in the dark as now the protagonist had to choose between the two men she loved. Will the question be answered if there is a sequel to this movie. And if there is, I hope that it will be real soon. I don't mind giving this movie 5 STARS rating, for the entertainment value as well as making me hold my breath a few times in anticipation. You should be running to the cinema now before it is too late.