Friday, March 23, 2012


When I was in Kuala Lumpur last week, I met this Vietnamese lady at the commuter station. No, she was definitely NOT the woman in the picture above. Unfortunately she was older, and not that beautiful. Anyway, she was trying to get the direction or to ask about which train to take but there were only four w0rds that I could understand from her: (1) I (2) Vietnam (3) friend, and last but not least (4) airport. It was really difficult to explain to her and I had to use a lot of body language to get the message across. From the very few words she could utter in English, I concluded what she meant was: "I am going to the airport to meet a friend who will be arriving from Vietnam." I sure can write note expansion essay very well. So I asked her to go to the other terminal where she could take the KLIA Transit that would take her directly to the airport. However, there are two possible airports, either the KLIA or the LCCT. I prayed hard she would meet her friend at one of the airports.

There was this anecdote that I found on a poster in the commuter train which was accidentally related to the recent event. The story goes something like this. One day, a mother mouse and a baby mouse were walking along a road. Suddenly there was a cat approaching and sensing danger, the mother mouse shouted: "Woof! Woof!" Upon hearing the sounds, the cat sped away. And the mother mouse said to her baby, "Well, now you can see why it is important to learn a second language." THE END

I am thinking of including anecdotes, jokes and riddles in my blog. What say you?