Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Angklung Workshop participants

I now declare the mid term break has officially started. There were a number of activities going on in school these few days, starting with the Chess Clinic on Saturday. Then we had a workshop for Angklung Group from Monday until today (Wednesday). At the same time, the Kadet Bomba boys were also having marching intensive training for three days but on the last day, the programme could not be carried out as it was raining from morning until noon. A few students from the Chess Club were also present to play chess in school.

With a few more days remaining, I hope to get a short rest (even though there is still work to be done). And NO, I am not travelling this time if you happen to wonder whether I am going anywhere this school holiday. That is ONE question that I get all the time before and during school breaks.

Happy holidays everybody. :) Enjoy yourself while yo still can.