Saturday, March 31, 2012


This was the second potluck held by the afternoon teachers this year. The first was done for the Chinese New Year celebration. The main dish of the day: "nasi lemak" - rice cooked in coconut milk served with various other dishes.

The main reason was to bid farewell to two teachers who were transferred to other nearby schools as according to the District Education Department we are having extra teachers. We had no choice but to let go of Puan Zuraishah and Puan Siti Norazlianawati. Other than that, a teacher who was in the afternoon session last year was promoted to the post of Head of Department at SMK Tanjung Adang. Even though it was a bit late, Puan Zaharah Haron did not disappoint us by coming over to school.

Thanks to the people who had been here for a short time.
You are appreciated.