Thursday, March 15, 2012


If you like colourful and beautiful 3-D animation with cute and furry animals in it, this is the movie you MUST watch.

The story is about the main character, Ted, who was trying to win an older girl's heart by trying to find her a real tree. This is because there was not a single tree could be found in Thneed-ville where all the plants were made of plastic. Therefore Ted went the extra mile in search of this one tree and hence, he met with Once-ler - the person who had caused destruction to the ecology system. Once-ler then narrated what he had done in the past and was in a way regretted all his past sins. Ted, being the hero of the film, finally managed to get a tree planted for the community and everybody was happy because they had to enjoy the life that they had once lost.

There were no elements of horror, sex or violence in the story - guaranteed. Go and watch this movie. I found it very entertaining but at the same time has explicit moral value and educational. I think I will start planting more trees at home tomorrow. SAVE THE TREES, SAVE PLANT EARTH

Watch the trailer here: