Tuesday, August 28, 2012


sentimental value - the personal value of an object, derived from the personal memories associated with it.  WIKTIONARY

There should be a certain item people associate you with. Your shoes, handbag, spectacles, water tumbler etc., for instance. You will be identified just by looking at this item. I know many people realized that I had been wearing the same watch for many years. An ex-student pointed out this fact when he came visiting last week - the fact that the watch had existed even when he was still in school. I am the type of person who will not buy things unnecessarily - why need a new one when the old one is still functioning well. This watch was bought in Kuching, Sarawak, back in 2002 when the school's cooperative shop organized a trip there. All this while, I just had to change the straps when the plastic material was torn. Unfortunately, last Saturday, one part on the body of the watch was broken and it was a major damage beyond repair. So I guess it was time to say goodbye to my Casio watch after being a humble servant for 10 long years and travelling around the world (exaggeration) with me. [The moral of the story: buy original product] It was hard to let go, because of the sentimental value, but I had no choice.

I am already wearing a brand new wristwatch now, another Casio, and let's see how long it will last this time.