Thursday, August 2, 2012


distillery ~ a factory where a strong alcoholic drink such as whisky is produced.
Longman Online Dictionary

And the very last tourist spot that we went visiting was the Distillery Historic District. No, we did not go to a whisky factory. It used to be one but is now operating as one of a shopping malls in Toronto with its own unique architecture and mood.

This is another example of how the westerners are passionate in preserving the old buildings and turning them into something more contemporary, and functional. To read more of the history of this place, click HERE.

There are numerous shops selling classy and custom-made items (read: expensive) like clothing, furniture and paintings. Other than gigantic and modern sculptures, historical exhibits of the distillery factory were also found around the place. There were restaurants and people were seen enjoying their lunch in the open, and we found a shop making and selling chocolates too.

With that, it was the end of my 5-day stay in Toronto, Canada. From the first day I arrived until the last few hours before leaving, I had been walking and exploring and should seen the essential spots of the city. I will not hesitate to come back for other part of the country if I have the chance to do so. Thanks again to the host cum tourist guide, Mr. Solleh for the itinerary well-planned. 

Goodbye Canada, for now. I shall miss you.