Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The next stop on the last day of the stay was the St. Lawrence Market. We were at the market but we were not doing any shopping but just to have a look around. It was quite interesting actually how you can learn about the local lifestyle just by visiting the market.

The building was Toronto's first marketplace established in 1803. Amazing how a fact like that could be found on a doormat. It was supposed to be a wet market, at least half of it, selling vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood, but it was not wet at all. When are we going to get a very clean market like that in Malaysia?

There are also other items especially local products that could be found here. Just walking around the place to see what was on sale provided some sort of an entertainment to me already. (For some others, it could be buying whatever that caught their attention.)

So what did I end up buying here? Just a small box of red and fresh raspberries which were not too sweet, not too sour and I just could go munching them on and on and on. I should have bought the strawberries and blackberries too but I had to consider the fact that it could cause me some stomach problems later What more, I was about to board the plane in a few hours time.

if you want to get original local products of Canada, this should be one of the places. Check it out when you come visiting Toronto later.