Thursday, August 23, 2012


Another group of ex-students who came visiting was from SPM batch 2004. They were Abdul Hadi, Assyakirin, Hisham, Lutfi Afiq, Mohd. Zaki and Nazary. I could see how they have actually grown up, literally, really well. I don't know whether gathering like this could be possible as a few will be tying the knots real soon. Or perhaps, the number of people coming will be smaller.

The next visitor had to come after midnight accompanied by his two other friends (who were here earlier on the second day) so I did not have to entertain two groups simultaneously. I guessed Mr. Suhaizie from SPM batch 2006 did not have much choice as he had to go back to Kuala Lumpur the very next day.

The visiting activity during Eid has actually reunited people and it is amazing how we can suddenly meet someone after being apart from each other for quite some time, or even a long long time. I am still expecting more visitors - this is just the beginning. Knowing how people here celebrate Eid for a month, I am looking forward to seeing more people.

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