Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Tuesday, 20th August ~ I had to attend a state level briefing held at SJKC Chong Hwa, Kluang this afternoon. This was something that rarely happened. All this while, only the other senior assistants would be called for this kind of thing. Anyway, it had something to do with the implementation of English set system for the lower secondary (which is already carried out in school) and the briefing was given by the officer of the English language from the State Education Department.

the first speaker

the second speaker
I was really impressed with the auditorium of this Chinese primary school. One word to describe it: GRAND. When are we getting one like this for our school? *sigh*

the back-benchers

The whole thing ended less than 2 hours. The irony was, I had to spend more time travelling JB-Kluang-JB than sitting there listening to the briefing. *double sigh*

On my way there, while stopping at R&R Machap, I bumped into the FIRST Principal of SMK Taman Universiti. The last time I saw him when he was on duty as an oath commissioner but he is now enjoying his retirement days at home full time. I will have to wait many many more years before I can retire. *third sigh*