Friday, August 16, 2013


15th August [8th day of Eid] ~ The first unexpected visitors came knocking at the door (literally speaking) were another old friend from college, Mr. Ridwan Abd. Wahid and his family members. The last time he was here was like more than 10 years ago I think, when he had just finished his studies at the University of Singapore. Unfortunately, they were only in JB for a short while and I could not entertain them during their stay. Next time, please inform much earlier and perhaps spend more time so we could do more things, at least eat out, together.

The other two groups who came visiting were ex-students from two different batches of SPM 2002 and 2008. As they were a few of them at my place at the same time, so they were forced to "merge" during the conversation session while eating the Eid cookies and they were alright with that even though they were of different generation.

That was another pleasant evening for me and there will be a short break for this visiting spree this weekends. I need to be somewhere else. Let's wait and see whether the flow will continue next week but I am expecting things to be slow down a bit as school will commence its session next Monday.