Saturday, August 31, 2013


FRIDAY, 30th AUGUST ~ Two ex-students. Mohd. Aliff (SPM 2007) and Mohd. Ariff (SPM 2009), who are siblings, came visiting for Eid, as usual with their parents and younger sister who have now become family friends. Aliff will be going to Terengganu to continue his first degree this coming Sunday while Ariff will be flying back to Kuching for a new semester. Too bad everyone was occupied with Eid celebration, if not we could have spent some time for an outing session.

The next group to arrive (a few minutes before midnight) was another group of ex-students from SPM batch 2010 - Rashid, Haniff, Khaidir, Amali and Faiz Azizi. I taught only one of them English but they were all active members of "Kadet Bomba", except one who was in a different uniform unit. All of them are still studying but they are still either enjoying their semester breaks or undergoing their practical trainings.

They used to come in a bigger group but as expected, once everyone has grown up and has his own path to follow, it is not easy to see them together at the same time. And I wonder, how much longer this group could last.