Sunday, August 25, 2013


24th August [17th DAY OF EID] ~ Today was a replacement school day and as expected, the attendance of the students was quite bad, I think only about 1/3 turned up. It was not a pleasant thing to work on a Saturday afternoon but there was always a blessing in disguise. I had to go to three open houses right after school and that should explain why I was in my formal attire.

The second open house was hosted by a colleague, Puan Raja Ainurraziyah and her husband who was also a friend, En. Abdul Rahman at Nusa Idaman. This event was also meant to welcome the daughter-in-law who was wed to their first son. 

Four of their children also happened to be my ex-students. I arrived there quite late but there were still a lot of people, mostly my own colleagues. At the same time, there were foreign visitors (exchange students in UTM) from Finland and South Korea so that made it a kind of international gathering. :)

my colleagues in the house

with Izyana and Izzah, sisters and ex-students

Can people actually go to many open houses in one day? With good time management, and most importantly the discipline and determination telling oneself  "I should eat only a little at one time" should work things out.

The last open house attended was in Kempas, the house of an ex-student, Mr. Shafiq Suhaimi who went to Hong Kong with me last year. The last time I saw him was when I was in KL and he took me to break fast at Kampung Baru. This was the second time I went to his parents' place and by now, I am quite sure I would be able to remember the way there. I thought I was the last to arrive as it was already past 11:00 p.m. but as I was going back, there were still people arriving.

That was one long session of visiting I had done in one day and pray to God I won't grow fat too quickly.