Thursday, August 29, 2013


Two ex-students from SPM batch 2010, Mr. Ahmad Baihaqi and Mr. Mohd. Firdaus, came visiting this evening. I met Baihaqi earlier in school and asked him when he would be coming and he said "tonight". That was easy and there was no need to get a busload of other people as a prerequisite to come visiting.


One good thing about people coming in a much smaller group is that I can always focus to each individual, the chat will be more elaborate and detail, and it is more relaxing. Of course it is more fun to get a lot of people to come visiting at the same time but I find I will not be able to speak to everyone and sometimes the visitors will be more actively involved in conversation among themselves rather than with the host.

Anyway, thanks Baihaqi and Firdaus for coming after a few days of not having visitors. And surprisingly it was Baihaqi's first visit to my house and hopefully that will not be the last.