Thursday, August 15, 2013


The visiting session continued in the evening with the arrival of one big group of students. They were the mixture of two batches of ex-students: the ones from SPM batch 2006 and the ones who are still in form 5 but left SMKTUN for boarding schools when they were in form four. They were lucky as there was still a lot of food left and it was originally prepared for my colleagues in the afternoon. I didn't even know that I could feed so many people with that kind of budget.

The second group that arrived right after that was my ex-students from SPM batch 2009. And there was still food left for them, at least a little for each to eat if not much. Everyone in this group is still studying or is going to continue with their first degree real soon.

That was so far the highest number of people who came visiting to my house this year. Definitely a long and tiring day but I was loving it.

"In recalling their school years,
students mostly remember their teachers,
and not the courses they took."