Saturday, August 10, 2013


11th August [3rd Day of Eid] - More people were here to visit and celebrate Eid on the third day. The first group consisted of three ex-students from SPM batch 2006  - Mr Amin Ahmad, Mr. Azizi Md. Yusoff and Mr. Mohd. Nazri. They used to come in a much bigger group but it was a common fact that it was difficult to get people together as everyone was everywhere at this time of the festive season.

Then, Dr. Hayati Ismail, on my ex-coursemates from UPM TESL group, arrived with her big family. Once I went to stay at their house when she was studying in the United Kingdom. The kids have really grown up very fast.

The last group of the day was another ex-students from the SPM 2001 batch - Mr. Zul Azeze, Mr. Shah Erhan and Mr. Hazizul. I remember they did not come for Eid visit last year but they managed to make it this time round.

watching Malaysia vs. Barcelona

And I am expecting to see more people after this.