Monday, October 13, 2014


17th September ~ We only had 2 solid hours to shop at Pasar Baru [translate: New Market], a favourite multilevel shopping mall (especially) for women. We must make sure everything had to be done within the time frame because we had to get lunch and hurried to watch the angklung performance which should start at 2:30. We did not want to be late for the show. I had told everyone to have some sort of a list of what to buy so shopping could be done easily. The agent had also prepared two special guides who took us around the huge market so it was easier to move around through hundreds of shops. We just told the guide what we wanted to and we were taken straight to the shops to buy the desired items.

For one thing, there were just too many street peddlers selling all kinds of things and would follow and pester you which made people uncomfortable. So just ignore them if you are not interested to buy anything and if you want to purchase anything, you need to hone your bargaining skills.

We were like in the programme "Shop Till You Drop" when we had to shop and race against time. We had successfully bought a variety of things like t-shirts, "telekung" (praying attire for Muslim women), batik and shirts. And it was all done within 2 hours which should be achievement considering the fact that there were 3 women in the group. (Or was it successful because there were only 3 women in the group?)

We had lunch at the food court located on the top floor and excitedly made our way out for the coming angklung performance once we were done eating.

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