Tuesday, October 28, 2014


23rd October ~ One reason why I chose this movie was because there was no other movie that caught my attention. Thank God, the movie was good to my standard and I did not fall asleep in the cinema.

It was a story about a group of Vikings who were stranded on land after their boat was destroyed in a horrible storm. They met a group of Scottish people and started fighting and found a princess that was actually to be forced into marriage by her father. Now, they had not only tried to get back to their motherland, but they also had to save the princess who was ordered to be killed by her father. And in all the scenes, there were non-stop fighting, old school, involving all sorts of weapons like swords, axes, machetes, knives, arrows, sharpened sticks. WARNING: they were violent fighting scenes of people getting chopped off or slayed to death. What do you expect? Vikings had no mercy. But for one thing, there was very little CGI effects so there were real fighting scenes, with blood and all, not like what you had seen in a Spiderman movie. By the way, there was only one woman actor throughout the movie - except in the earlier scene where people were having a party in the castle there were other women but for a short while.

I have a feeling there will be a sequel to this movie real soon.

Clockwise: at the foyer of the movie theatre, in front of the poster of the movie watched, the tickets and at the parking lot after the movie.

Thanks Mr. Syazwan for the time spent before going back to Ipoh. And good luck for your finals.