Saturday, October 11, 2014


10th October ~ The annual Chess Club party was held today at our favourite spot, i.e. KFC Taman Universiti. Initially I could not join in the fun as I had another school function to attend on Friday morning (what?) but the event ended earlier so I still had the time to go before the Friday prayer.

It was good to see familiar faces of people whom you knew well. 10 committee members and 2 teacher advisers of SMKTUN Chess Club were there having their meals when I arrived but a few went people went missing right after that.

So this was the reason for their disappearance - running to the Aeon Shopping Mall just across the street to buy a cake and a present. [*NOTE: old people (like me) do not celebrate birthday anymore, especially in a public place, as it might cause embarrassment - unless you insist]

Thanks to everyone for inviting, and thanks also for the birthday celebration. I do not know I will still be involved in chess activities in the future, but perhaps I will just get busy for the district and state level management.

This is something which I should have done much earlier but there was no appropriate time. This is the video produced by the Chess Club members and the school chess players, the present and the past, to thank me when I had to leave for my new work place. 

What I could say is I was there just to supervise but it was all your hard-work, commitment and determination that had made everything possible. It was easy working with you all as you were a group of people who could organize things on your own and you had made the group mobilized. SMK Taman Universiti has been recognized as a strong contender for every district level chess competitions and have produced many players for state level tournaments. And I hope this will continue even though I am no longer around in school. Good luck SMKTUN Chess Club!

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