Monday, October 27, 2014


25th October 2014 ~ This was an event that had been planned much earlier for the Angklung Group. The date was also chosen considering the fact that the form 5 students will be sitting for their examination soon so it would be better to carry out earlier. Mutiara Hotel was chosen one more time as I like the variety of food choices available. 

There were 17 Angklung group members and 2 teachers who came for the function. Two people were not there for unknown reasons while the other one is now enjoying himself (I think and I hope) in Spain. However, Puan Intan Badariah had to leave earlier.

met an ex-student cum ex-angklung player

Other than eating as much as we could, the other activity was exchanging presents among the group members. And that was all.

I am sure going to miss this moment and of the people in the group. And I will also miss playing angklung. :(

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